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Are you finding that in summer when you want/need those jobs around the house such as the outside decking that needs oiling or the deck needs repairing for those family times outside.attended to this month and not next month  that you have to wait because your tradesmen can't fit you in because they are completely booked out for the next 2 months or longer leaving you in a plight of frustration
Most tradesmen or handymen have busy seasons and slow seasons so the best tip is to plan ahead.
  • Roofing repairs or roof resprays best time to book your tradie to get the job done sooner than later is late winter or early spring.
  • Indoor reno's ie) bathroom etc book your tradie to attend during the winter or rainy months.
  • Oiling of timber decking, spring ready for summer
  • Garden makeovers, spring ready for those hot summer days
The best way to SAVE MONEY when getting work done around your home is for you the home owner to consider taking on certain jobs like basic demolition , moving certain materials, cleaning up the job site after work been completed for that day or finished, sanding timber, trims or prep work as tradespeople always allow a figure for them to complete within the quotation so always co-ordinate with the tradesperson you have got to do job in advance and agree on who does what and what you would save if you were to complete some jobs within the work task. 
Always plan for the future.  You dont need to wait until you can build your dream, start your home additions or renovations  as your finances allow per a project basis.
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